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how our sALON WORKS

All those women who want to look stunning in any situation are invited to the salon "Fusion". Professional permanent makeup, made by an experienced master, will allow you to forget about the long morning make-up, the difficulties of visiting the pool or the beach for a long time because of the fear that the cosmetics will “flow”.

We suggest you to make a tattoo of lips, eyelids, eyebrows, having a natural effect:
  • using modern equipment, high-quality pigment,
  • talented masters who are familiar with the basic rules and trends of modern makeup,
  • with strict observance of sanitary and hygienic norms,
  • at an affordable price, at a convenient time for you.
Have a perfect natural look at any time of the day is possible. It is enough to contact the specialists of “Fusion” and use the service “Quality tattoo with a guarantee” in the city of Kiev. Our prices are the best in the region given the level of services provided.

Why are we better than others?

Sterility and safety
Only disposable materials and quartzing of rooms. 3-level sterilization of machines. We work according to the standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
Reasonable prices
High quality at an affordable price.
Top equipment
We work only on the best American and German cars and paints / pigments
Individual approach
Free consultations and selection of sketches

our master

Andrey Yudin
Top master studio

Prices for tattoo

Correction is needed in 50% of cases
  • Powder / Nano Spraying
  • 1000 UAH
  • * with old tattoo
  • 1200 UAH
  • Watercolor / 3D
  • 1000 UAH
  • * with old tattoo
  • 1200 UAH
  • Classical / Inter-eyelash / Shadow
  • 1000 UAH
  • * with old tattoo
  • 1200 UAH
  • Correction of the procedure within 3-6 weeks after the procedure
  • 700 UAH
  • Over 6 weeks
  • 1000 UAH

    Feedback from our customers

    What is permanent makeup, how it is done

    Every woman is faced with the fact that it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to spend on makeup. It is especially offensive when the makeup is applied, but after a couple of hours appears its disadvantages: the mascara began to flow, the eyeliner was smeared, the lipstick was wiped off. A comfortable visit to the pool or gym is not at all. The morning work on the imposition of makeup becomes in vain if it started to rain, so you have to take up the cosmetic bag again. To avoid such situations you can use permanent makeup, tattoo, powder tattoo, nanapraining, 3D tattoo. All of these names denote the same procedure. There are several techniques for performing tattoo:
    • The wax method is most often used for eyebrow correction. It involves drawing, due to which the desired shape, thickness, bend is given to the eyebrows.
    • The method of powdery shading provides for the addition of skin tone. It is used for minor correction of facial features. Powder coating, also called this type of tattoo, does not cause pronounced pain. After the procedure, the corrected eyebrows, lips, eyelids have a natural look.
    Qualitatively executed permanent makeup to remain unchanged for up to 3 years on non-oily skin. And for this period the girl can forget about the daily “drawing” of the lips, eyebrows, eyelids, facial contours with the usual means of decorative cosmetics. Tattooing allows you to:
    • change the shape, color, thickness of eyebrows,
    • correct the contour of the lips, make their color more vivid,
    • emphasize the shape of the eyes with the eyeliner;
    • retouch (mask) any defects in appearance.

    Features of the procedure

    Permanent tattoo technology is similar to tattooing. And the difference is in the use of softer pigments, which are injected under the skin to a small depth of 0.1-0.5 mm, depending on the technology. The masters of the Fusion salon own the technique of applying traditional make-up, so they are well aware of how to correct the appearance, hide the flaws, emphasize the advantages. You can find out how much the procedure will cost by phone. The approximate price is noted in the price list.

    Care and correction of tattoo

    Care and correction of tattoo In order to keep eyebrows, lips, eyelids after tattoo permanent, it is necessary to periodically make its correction. This is due to the fact that for the procedure of permanent makeupare used medium-resistance plant-based pigments. Natural dye later lightens. And in order to increase the time of permanent tattoo, it is important to follow the rules of caring for it. For example, immediately after the procedure it is important to fix the effect, therefore it is not recommended:
    • pick and touch the place of impact,
    • go to the bath, sauna,
    • sunbathing,
    • use alcohol-based face care solutions.
    It is important to follow the recommendations of themaster, apply the recommended means to care for the impact zone.

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, you want to know the cost of the procedure, we will be glad to provide detailed information by phone, through the site form, in the private message on the salon page on social networks. Our studio in Kiev is the best professional center where you will be offered full compliance with standards, guaranteed results and impeccable service.

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