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How our salon works

Salon «Fusion» invites everyone who is interested in tattoo correction, to sign up for a specialist consultation at a convenient time. We work from 10:00 to 20:00, so each of our visitors, regardless of work schedule and busyness will be able to choose a convenient visit time.

In order not to wait in line, pre-register for a consultation by phone, on the website or on our page on social networks. We will be glad to see you both among our visitors and among our subscribers!

    Why are we better than others?

    Sterility and safety
    Only disposable materials and quartzing of rooms. 3-level sterilization of machines. We work according to the standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
    Reasonable prices
    High quality at an affordable price.
    Top equipment
    We work only on the best American and German cars and paints / pigments
    Individual approach
    Free consultations and selection of sketches

    Tattoo master

    Andrey Yudin
    Top master studio
    Vladislav Zaichenko
    Tattoo master

    Cost of

    Cover up tattoos (tattoo overlap) - an individual process, a plan which is prepared by the master for each customer. That is why it is not possible to determine fixed price for the service. In one case, the price of tattoo correction will be low, for example, if it is enough to add several elements to an existing picture so that it acquires a different meaning and a different visual perception. Above the body image of another client will have to work several sessions, first performing the clarification of the tattoo to overlap, and then, drawing new lines and strokes. In this case, the prices for the services of the master will be higher. In order to be able to name the cost, at a minimum, master must see the drawing, estimate its size, density. Send a photo of the tattoo that you plan to correct, on a viber or in private messages on social networks. Describe what changes you are waiting for. A specialist after visual analysis will be able to orient you by price.
    to have a price

    Feedback from our customers

    Why do I need cover ap tattoos?

    The first and most important rule for those who decide to get a tattoo - trust only professionals! Most of our clients who come to fix a tattoo are people who have encountered a tattooer's unprofessionalism and have received a poor-quality tattoo instead of a beautiful body image. Also cover up tattoos will help if:
    • Image has lost relevance. For example, being in a relationship, a girl makes an inscription on her body in the form of the name of her partner. But time passes and next to her is another beloved, to whom a reminder of the girl's past brings emotional discomfort.
    • Instead of individuality turned banal. Quite often, our visitors are asked to block the tattoo, made on the template. Often people in a fit of desire choose a template from the catalog of the master and do not want to change it. “Make me such a tattoo,” they say. And a year later they are asked to cut off or correct the image, since
    • If the tattoo is burned out, it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. This happens more quickly with tattoos that are not protected by special tanning creams during sun exposure.
    In either of these cases, laser removal or cover up tattoos will help. The first option allows you to completely get rid of unwanted images. However, it is time consuming and can take several months. Tattoo correction depending on the amount of work takes place in 2-3 sessions.

    How is overlapping tattoo?

    The scope and principle of operation depends on the available image.
    • If the tattoo is a dense shade of dark color, then the situation can be corrected by first lighting the tattoo to cover it. Next, proceed of the creation of a new pattern.
    • You can close an ugly tattoo by completely covering it with a dense black circle, square, or other geometric sign. Images in this style are called blackwork. But it is important to understand that this style is not suitable for everyone, and with large volumes of monotonous dense tattoos look specifically.
    • Details of the old tattoo become elements of the new tattoo. The master creates a sketch that allows you to correct the image. For example, a butterfly can turn into a flower, and a spider can become part of an abstract design. Image may get chromaticity.
    Important: As a rule, it turns out a new tattoo in size larger than the one that needed correction. It is more difficult to apply it than to do a tattoo on clean skin, so the work may take longer. Everything is very individual and is negotiated with the master, both during the preliminary consultation and directly at the session.

    Any questions?

    If you want to know the details, did not find the answer to your question on the site, be sure to email us via the feedback form or on social networks. We will provide detailed information. You can also call the contact phone and personally talk with the master about the session. Sign up for a consultation or come without an appointment. We will be glad to see you and be sure to help!

    About our salon

    Fusion is a professional tattoopsalon where visitors are offered a full range of services, including tattoo correction. Our masters have extensive experience in this field, so they will be able to offer the solution that suits you completely. We offer:
    • professional approach to work,
    • a certified master who will perform work at a high level,
    • full compliance with hygiene standards, professional standards and ethics,
    • competitive prices for services.
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