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How our salon works

Salon «Fusion» has established a convenient schedule of work from 10:00 to 20:00, so everyone who wants to remove a tattoo without scars can choose time and come to the session. To avoid waiting, sign up for a consultation with the master by contact phone or through the personal message on social networks. By prior arrangement with a specialist work schedule can be adjusted for convenient time for you. In this case, prices for services are also negotiated individually.

    Why are we better than others?

    Sterility and safety
    Only disposable materials and quartzing of rooms. 3-level sterilization of machines. We work according to the standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
    Reasonable prices
    High quality at an affordable price.
    Top equipment
    We work only on the best American and German cars and paints / pigments
    Individual approach
    Free consultations and selection of sketches

    Tattoo master

    Andrey Yudin
    Top master studio
    Vladislav Zaichenko
    Tattoo master

    Cost of

    You can find suggestions for removing tattoo in Kyiv by social networks. Customers are offered low prices for advertised services. However, if you are looking for not only inexpensive, but also high-quality service provided by experts, contact the Fusion salon, where you can not only get rid of unwanted tattoos, but also receive guarantees of the safety of the procedure. We use modern laser equipment - the neodymium laser of the last generation, which allows you to perform manipulations safely: there will be no scars and burns on the skin. How much does it cost to remove a tattoo? The price of the service consists of the master's work and equipment depreciation. In our salon one procedure will cost from 150 hryvnia per session. How many procedures will be required to completely remove the tattoo, the specialist will tell after analyzing the tattoo and skin type. Exact rates to a specific visitor will be voiced by the wizard at the preliminary consultation.
    to have a price

    Feedback from our customers

    Laser tattoo removal in Kiev

    If you want to remove the tattoo, we are pleased to suggest a method of the laser removal of an undesired image on body. Do you have a tattoo that you feel shy about? If the tattoo:
    • stop to be a decoration
    • disturb you in everyday life, for example, does not allow wearing open clothes,
    • It was made a long time ago and today does not match your inner feelings, we will help you to get rid of it.
    Very often, visitors come to us for the service "laser tattoo removal" after the unsuccessful work of a tattoo master in another salon. Unfortunately, not all professionals working in the capital market, have the appropriate level of training to perform a high-quality tattoo. In some cases, they make mistakes, and people get absolutely not the result that they planned to get. In this case, most of them become customers of our salon. But they do not come for the tattoo, they come for its removal. Important: Trust the tattoo master to do the work. In this case, you do not need tattoo removal. But if you have already used the services of a layman, then we will remove the ugly tattoo:
    • with a minimum of side effects,
    • high level of safety
    • without cuts, use of acid, other aggressive chemical reagents,
    • without the need to spend the whole day on the session, as the great experience of our masters allows you to carry out manipulations neatly and quickly.


    There is no laser tattoo removal in the Fusion salon for people with contraindications:
    • chronic blood disorders,
    • hepatitis,
    • diabetes,
    • for skin diseases (psoriasis, lupus, eczema, versicolor),
    • epilepsy,
    • pregnancy,
    • tumor ailments.
    If there is a fresh tan on the skin where it is supposed to be exposed, the master will not undertake to remove the tattoo with a laser either, as the risk of injury to the dermis increases.

    Preparing for the session

    Before the procedure, a specialist examines the area of skin on which the tattoo is made, determines such nuances as:
    • the depth of the pigment,
    • skin type,
    • the absence or presence of inflammatory rash (is a contraindication).
    At the request of the client, we are ready to take a photo of the tattoo so that you can compare the results before and after laser removal.

    How is the removal of the tattoo works

    Laser tattoo removal technology is suitable for all people with any skin type. This is due to the ability to adjust the wavelength and pulse frequency for each visitor. The principle of laser tattoo removal is the destructive effect of the wave on the granules of the dye deep in the skin. It is noteworthy that the skin itself is not damaged. Before starting work, the master checks the reaction of the skin to select the most effective power of the laser equipment. The laser generates short pulses, splitting paint particles in the skin into microparticles, which are then removed by the lymph. The impact is only on the topmost layer of pigment, so several sessions are required to completely remove the tattoo. But after the first procedure, the drawing becomes much lighter.

    Rehabilitation period

    The master applies ice to the skin as reddening is observed at the site of laser exposure . Next, applied a layer of panthenol . Generally, healing proceeds without complications. In some cases, after the procedure, the tattoo is covered with a crust. It can not be removed. After 5-7 days, it will get off. During the rehabilitation period after tattoo removal:
    • it is necessary to treat the tattoo three times a day during the week with means that the master will recommend,
    • it is necessary to protect the skin from exposure of sunlight
    • it is no allowed to scratch the place of impact,
    • You can not visit the sauna or bath up to 10 days.
    After 3-4 weeks you can repeat the session. This time is enough for the pigment to decompose and leave.

    Removal results

    The number of necessary sessions to obtain the most effective result depends on the following factors:
    • skin type and color,
    • type of tattoo, its age,
    • ink quality, the depth of their penetration into the skin,
    • power of laser equipment,
    • specialist's skill.
    If you are looking for a salon where tattoo mixing is guaranteed in one procedure, then we assure responsibly that there are no such workshops! To completely remove a tattoo, you will need 4-10 sessions with a break of a month.

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, we suggest to ask them by phone, by the website, by social networks. The master will tell you how the removal of the tattoo goes, explain how the procedure goes, what the risks are and the expected results. You can also find out the preliminary cost of the procedure by sending a photo of the tattoo that you plan to display in any of the supported messenger.

    About our salon

    (Русский) «Fusion» – это специализированный салон, в котором соблюдаются:
    • European service standards;
    • professional ethics,
    • sanitary and hygienic standards.
    Our masters have extensive experience in the field of laser tattoo removal, so the result of the procedures is always high and predictable. The workplace of the specialist must be disinfected before the session, the specialist works in a mask and gloves. These measures are observed so visitors of the salon can be confident in the safety of any procedure.
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