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Часто задаваемые вопросы

На сколько больно удалять татуаж?

Процедура почти безболезненна и эффективна.

Сколько потребуется сеансов?

Сеансов потребуется от трех до семи.

Какой лазер вы используете?

Мы используем современный лазер последнего поколения!

Где вы находитесь?

Мы находимся в городе Киев по улице Лисковская 12/1

How our salon works

If you are interested in removing permanent makeup, we are waiting for you at the Fusion salon from 10:00 to 20:00. Convenient transportation will allow you quickly reach us from any area of the city of Kiev. By prior arrangement with the master, the work schedule can be customized for the client. Call us, we will be happy to answer all questions.

    Why are we better than others?

    Sterility and safety
    Only disposable materials and quartzing of rooms. 3-level sterilization of machines. We work according to the standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
    Reasonable prices
    High quality at an affordable price.
    Top equipment
    We work only on the best American and German cars and paints / pigments
    Individual approach
    Free consultations and selection of sketches

    Our works

    Tattoo master

    Andrey Yudin
    Top master studio

    Cost of

    The cost of one session, regardless of the zone, is 200 UAH.
    to have a price

    Feedback from our customers

    Permanent makeup removal

    Tattoo - a procedure that allows you to permanently forget about the need for daily morning makeup. It consists in applying correction lines to the upper layers of the dermis. A special paint is used for tattooing, which is injected through the skin with a machine. In this way, the lines of the eyebrows, the eyelids, the contour of the lips are drawn. Also can be performed filling of the contours with pigment. In some cases,the facial contour is corrected with the help of tattoo with a paint of tonal color. As a result, a woman receives a make-up, which is not afraid of moisture, is not erased, does not require daily application. That is why the tattoo is differently called permanent makeup. If the tattoo is made by an experienced specialist, then it will last for 1-2 years. Periodically it is necessary to carry out the correction of permanent makeup, so that the lines retain clarity. Well, if the work is done poorly, then it becomes a big problem for a woman. After all, the tattoo is not washed off. So, in what cases do girls go for the “permanent makeup removal” service?
    • Tattoo done poorly.
    • Fashion of the shape of eyebrows, lips changed.
    • There is no time and desire to perform tattoo correction.
    In any of these situations, you can contact the salon


    Removal of tattoo eyebrows, lips, eyelids is not carried out in the presence of the patient:
    • chronic blood disorders,
    • hepatitis,
    • type 1 diabetes,
    • with inflammatory manifestations on the skin at the time of treatment,
    • for chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, lupus, eczema, versicolor),
    • patients with epilepsy,
    • during pregnancy
    • if cancer is diagnosed.
    This list of contraindications is due to the fact that exposure to a laser may adversely affect the health of this category of visitors.

    How is the removal of tattoo works

    Laser removal of permanent makeup can be performed for healthy people with absolutely any skin type. The wavelength and frequency of the laser pulse are adjusted by the master to each visitor. The procedure is not invasive, that is, without penetration. The granules of the pigment, introduced under the skin, under the action of the laser break up into microparticles. Subsequently, they are derived lymph. The skin itself is practically not injured. And after the first procedure, there are positive results.

    Rehabilitation period

    When removal of eyebrow, eye and lip tattoo is complete, the client will have a recovery period. Redness, slight burning, itching may occur at the site of exposure. To soothe the skin, a specialist may suggest using a cold compress. Further, you should follow certain rules for skin care: You can not:
    • scratching the place of impact, peeling off the formed crusts,
    • visit the bath, sauna 10-14 days,
    • steam the skin,
    • use tinted cosmetics for 24 hours,
    • sunbathe until the skin is completely healed (about 7 days).
    Need to:
    • treat the place where the permanent makeup was removed by using the special means that was recommended by master,
    • hide the site of exposure from the sun for several days after the procedure.
    If the recommendations of a specialist are observed, the skin of the face will fully recover very quickly. There will not be any traces of the tattoo.

    Removal results

    Unlike a tattoo, permanent makeup is removed in 2-3 sessions, as the depth of the dye is much lower and the amount of pigment introduced is less. Eyebrow tattoo removal may require 2-3 procedures if the eyebrows are stained thickly. Remove the contour of the lips can be 1-2 sessions. The exceptions are situations when permanent makeup is made by old methods, tattoo paint with a deep pigment. In this case, it may take 5-7 sessions to remove the tattoo (as when removing a traditional tattoo). In each case, the master individually determines the tactics of work, based on the rule: "The main thing is not to harm."

    Any questions?

    If you are interested in removing tattoo in Kiev, and you did not find the information you are interested in on the site, if you want to check the price, please contact us:
    • by phone,
    • on the website through the feedback form,
    • in social networks on the pages of the salon «Fusion»,
    • by Telegram or Viber.
    We will be glad to give detailed information and sign you for an on-site consultation with the master.

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