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How our piercing salon operate

You want to get a piercing in Kiev? Then we invite you to visit our specialized salon "Fusion". A team of professional piercing masters will be glad to offer you a cheap, but high-quality service. By appointment from 10:00 to 20:00, we are ready to pierce your navel, nose, lips, ears, soft tissues of the abdomen or other area that does not have anatomical obstacles for such manipulations. You can sign up for a session:
  • Online,
  • by phone,
  • by social networks,
  • during a personal visit to the salon.
Important: In some cases, after personal communication with the master and discussing the conditions of the service, the specialist’s work schedule may be changed to an earlier or later time. In this case, prices for piercing will also be discussed individually.

Why are we better than others?

Sterility and safety
Only disposable materials and quartzing of rooms. 3-level sterilization of machines. We work according to the standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
Reasonable prices
High quality at an affordable price.
Top equipment
We work only on the best American and German cars and paints / pigments
Individual approach
Free consultations and selection of sketches

Works of our masters

Piercing Master

Andrey Yudin
Top master studio

Piercing prices

Prices do not include jewelry. The cost of decoration is from 100 to 150 UAH,
depending on the material you choose.
  • Puncture of 1 lobe with a pistol + our earrings-studs made of medical steel
  • 250 UAH
  • Puncture of 2 lobes with a pistol + our earrings-studs made of medical steel
  • 400 UAH
  • 1 puncture with a needle (your earring)
  • 300 UAH
  • 2 punctures with a needle (your earrings)
  • 600 UAH
  • Medical steel
  • від 100 UAH
  • Titanium
  • 150 UAH
  • Microdermal with your jewelry
  • 800 UAH
  • Microdermal with our decoration
  • 1000 UAH
  • Industrial with your jewelry
  • 350 UAH
  • Industrial with our medical steel jewelry
  • 500 UAH
  • One puncture + your earring (strictly titanium)
  • 350 UAH
  • Two punctures + your earrings (strictly titanium)
  • 600 UAH
  • One puncture + our titanium earring
  • 500 UAH
  • Two punctures + our titanium earring
  • 900 UAH
  • Intimate female piercing, puncture with your jewelry
  • 700 UAH
  • (Русский) Интимный женский пирсинг, прокол с Вашим украшением (строго титан!)
  • 500 UAH
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    Feedback from our customers

    Trust creating of your piercing to professionals

    Today, not only representatives of the “golden youth” or followers of a certain subculture decide to get pierced. A careful puncture of the ear lobe is a traditional way to wear jewelry - chains, rings, and earrings. But many do not intend to stop there. After all, piercing allows to express your individuality and originality of thinking. Piercing salon "Fusion" has the necessary technical and human resources to offer visitors a safe piercing of soft tissues and cartilage of certain areas of the body. The master with extensive experience and with the necessary medical knowledge about the anatomical features of the body, will perform the piercing quickly and carefully, by using local anesthesia. We can do the piercing:
    1. The ear lobes or cartilage. Puncture:
    • the classical way (lobes)
    • cartilage - single or double (industrial), in which the holes are connected by a rod,
    • Helix - puncture of the cartilage curl in the upper part of the ear,
    • tragus - pierced trestle.
    When performing piercing of the ears, the professionalism of the master is very important, as there are a lot of nerve endings in the ear. If the piercing is performed taking into account the hazardous areas, the procedure will be as painless as possible. The master will tell you what kind of jewelry should be putting on to heal the puncture faster.
    2. Lips, soft tissue and mucous membranes of the mouth. If you want to do a lip piercing, a specialist will offer several options for piercing:
    • on the left above the lip - monroe,
    • Madonna on the right above the lip,
    • double piercing of the lower lip - snake bite,
    • piercing the center of the upper lip groove - jellyfish,
    • bridle piercing - even a puncture is made in the lip, but due to the location of the holes,
    • the decoration is visible only during a smile,
    • tongue piercing,
    • frenulum - puncture of the frenulum of the tongue (the decoration is located under the tongue),
    • through cheek puncture.
    As the soft tissues and mucous membranes of the mouth are constantly exposed to various influences (during eating, drinking, and speaking), the punctures are performed at certain points in order to reduce the pressure from the jewelry on the tissue. After performing the procedure master will give you advice of piercing care.
    3. Nose. Culture of nose piercing has spread all over the world from Africa, where it is used to emphasize the rank or membership of a particular tribe. In Europe, nose punctures have lost this functionality. They are made to focus on the individuality of appearance or worldview. Depending on the location of the puncture, nose piercing is:
    • wing cartilage,
    • nasal septum cartilage - septum,
    • bridge - pierced nose,
    • horizontal piercing, which pierces the cartilage of the tip of the nose.
    Taking into account the area of the piercing, the master will select the jewelry to putting in the nose, which will not weighed tissue, otherwise the nose will be visually asymmetrical.
    4. Eyebrows. Among men and women equally popular vertical through puncture of the superciliary bone of the right or left arc, followed by threading with the opening of the ring or bar . In the area of the eyebrow there are nodes where the nerve endings are concentrated. Only an experienced master will be able to make anemic and practically painless puncture.
    A vertical through puncture of the superciliary of the right or left arch, followed by threading from the hole of a ring or rod, is equally popular among men and women. In the area of the eyebrow there are nodes where the nerve endings are concentrated. Only an experienced craftsman can make an anemic and almost painless puncture.
    5. Puncture in the navel. This type of piercing is called
    6. Intimate piercing. Our piercing salon is one of the few where clients are offered to make an intimate piercing:
    • nipples,
    • genitals,
    • soft tissue of the pubic zone.
    Confidentiality is very important for clients, when intimate areas are chosen as a puncture zone. The high professionalism of our masters guarantees the observance of professional ethics and preservation of personal information. At the request of the client as a master who will perform an intimate piercing can be chosen a specialist man or a specialist woman.

    Absolute sterility of the procedure

    “Fusion” is considered as the best salon in Kiev, where much attention is paid not only to the professional training of employees, but also to the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards. When performing punctures that can be attributed to medical manipulation, it is very important to ensure customers safety for health. Offering piercing in Kiev, we guarantee:
    • use of disposable consumables,
    • disinfection of instruments in compliance with standards,
    • disinfection of the workplace of the master before each session,
    • disposing of disposable consumables in accordance with the standards applicable to medical institutions,
    • application for sterilization of modern methods, equipment, technologies.

    About Piercing Salon Fusion

    Piercing salon

    Any questions?

    If you want to get a piercing and are interested in details before the procedure, if you want to know the cost, you can always get advice from our managers by phone or when visiting the salon. Subscribe to the “Fusion” pages on social networks to be the first to know about updates, bonuses and promotions. We are always ready to give a tour of the salon by prior arrangement to hold a master class for beginners. Call us or come to us, we have something to show you!

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