Tattoo courses

Tattoo courses

What is our course about?

With the growing popularity of artistic tattoos, has increased the demand for professionals who could transfer the drawing from a sketch to the skin in the form of a stable image. Anyone who wants to make a tattoo for self-expression, manifestation of individuality, is looking for a master who will conduct the session safely, and the final result of his work will delight with beauty, accuracy, clarity of drawing details. There are few such masters, and their clients is scheduled for the weeks ahead. That is why the demand for tattoo training is extremely high. But it is impossible to learn the skill without knowing the base and the basics. It is difficult to implement a specialist without constant professional growth. Salon «Fusion» offers everyone to sign up for tattoo courses. The author's programs are made for those who are just planning to master the profession of a tattoo artist, and for practicing masters who want to increase their professional competencies and work out new skills. Important: Everyone who wants to register in tattoo lessons is encouraged to draw, because without elementary artistic skills it will be difficult to master the profession. If you are not able to draw at all, we recommend you to attend classes at an art school. When creating sketches and transfer them to the skin drawing is needed
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Basic course tattoo master

The basic course is designed for those who want to learn a profession from scratch, that is, does not have the experience and skills. Students in 40-50 academic hours (10 lessons of 4-5 hours) receive basic theoretical knowledge and skills that will allow them to start working in the profession. In addition to lectures, students are invited to practice the art of tattooing on artificial skin. The basic tattoo master course can be a reliable foundation for further development in the field of body modification. We offer comfortable learning conditions:
  • personalized schedule of classes, which is agreed with the teacher, and can later be adjusted,
  • study in a group or private lessons,
  • the opportunity during practical classes to use professional equipment, consumables (the cost is included in the course fee),
  • practice-oriented program of study (25 hours of the course are reserved for hands-on, skills training).
  • opportunity to use professional equipment during practical classes,
The program covers the following topics:
  • The basics of the profession, standards, professional ethics.
  • Tattoo styles, features, specificity.
  • Sanitary standards for the office, the workplace of the master.
  • Personal and client security during the session.
  • Types of equipment. Selection of cars, consumables, pigments, taking into account the work ahead.
  • Preparing skin before tattooing.
  • Work with dye, getting the desired color.
  • Create thumbnails. Transferring the template to the skin.
  • Techniques for performing tattoos (shadow, contour, gradient).
  • Care for a tattoo.
  • Work with clients.
At the end of the course, students take an exam. According to its results, students receive a diploma and author's certificate confirming the level of specialist training. These documents will allow you to start working on a specialty, and a portfolio on artificial leather, which the student forms during studies, will be a clear confirmation of the level of preparedness. The cost of the course is 14 000 UAH.
The cost of the basic course is 14 000 UAH.

Pro course

The course
  • wants to get new knowledge,
  • expand professional competence,
  • master a new style of tattoo,
  • prepare for participation in the competition.
We are ready to share the base that we have been able to master over the years of practical activity, and we offer:
  • professional tattoo training in various styles,
  • convenient schedule of classes,
  • study in a group or private lessons,
  • opportunity to work with professional equipment, high-quality consumables,
  • practice-oriented program that allows you to work out the knowledge gained,
  • confirmation of the knowledge gained in the form of a diploma, author's certificate and extended portfolio.
The course program covers the following topics:
  • Basics, standards, professional ethics.
  • Review of tattoo styles, specificity, differences.
  • Safe tattoo: sanitary requirements, personal safety of the master and the client.
  • Equipment for tattoo consumables.
  • Creating sketches, transfering them to the skin.
  • Technique performing tattoos.
  • Care for a tattoo.
  • Psycho-emotional interaction, communication with salon clients.
Important: Training ends with an exam that involves performing the tattoo yourself on a live model under the guidance of a teacher. How much does tattoo training cost? The price of the course at 17,000 UAH is very quickly compensated by paying for the services of a master as soon as you start providing tattoo services.
The cost of the course is 17 000 UAH.

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Our course is conducted by top master studio

Tattoo lessons are taught by tattoo masters with a lot of experience and a rich personal portfolio. Our specialists are participants, laureates and prize-winners of specialized competitions and festivals. We enable our students to learn the profession from successful people who have substantial professional baggage and are willing to share it.

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